Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darwin's Home

I have just posted a long message--"A Research Program for a Humean Science of Human Nature"--that I hope will be instructive as an overview of almost four years of my writing at this blog.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for four weeks of travel in Europe with my wife Mary and our niece Kaitlyn. We'll be travelling in England, Scotland, Guernsey, and Barcelona, Spain.

We plan to visit Darwin's house in Down, which I have never seen. The website for the house has an online tour of the rooms and other interesting material as well.

I am also looking forward to seeing some of the sites in Scotland associated with David Hume and Adam Smith.

Although I do not expect to do much blog posting while we're travelling, I hope to post a few messages as a travelogue.

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Antonio said...

If you ever visit Madrid, please let us know!


A. Gimeno.