Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hitler Learns the Journal of American Greatness Has Shut Down

Now we can see what happened when Hitler learned that the Journal of American Greatness had shut down.

A more serious lament about the loss of JAG is found in Hedley Wight's post at VDARE, who thinks JAG was "trying to articulate a new path for Straussianism" as providing a Straussian interpretation of Trumpism that would support the ethnic nationalism of the Alternative Right.

The logo VDARE refers to Virginia Dare, the first child born to English settlers in the New World in 1587. Get it?

Was the growing attention to JAG coming from ethnic nationalists like those at VDARE one reason why the writers at JAG decided they had to shut down and erase all of their writing?  Are they Straussian political theorists, who don't yet have tenure, and who were afraid that being identified as Straussians supporting ethnic nationalism through Trumpism would ruin their academic careers?

Although the JAG website has been erased, someone (JR) has recovered many (but not all) of the JAG articles from the Google cache.


djf said...

Not all of the essays have been recovered; some of the links are dead. Those of the essays I've read are quite good, apart from the overestimation of Trump personally (which maybe was not meant seriously), although not particularly original - accusations that the conservative intellectual establishment has become ideologically ossified have been circulating for many years. I did not see anything that would justify labeling the writers, whoever they may be, as "ethnic nationalists."

Kent Guida said...

Yes, but that would not prevent them from being branded "ethnic nationalists."

Anonymous said...

Ethnic nationalism? You mean that thing every country was until like 10 years ago?

Procopius said...

Whatever one thinks of Trumpism, it's sad that being identified as supporting a type of politics rather than the other can get your career to meet an untimely demise. No tolerance for the intolerant, sure, but calling for our actual laws on immigration to be enforced is hardly so extreme that censorship is our only option in the face of the danger.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all those nazi's in the UK just rejected transnational globalist cosmopolitanism. Becuase the definition of "nazi" is "rejects transnational globalist cosmopolitanism", right? I'm not gloating at all, not at all :)