Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Darwinian Nature of Patriotism

Howard Zinn--best known as the author of The People's History of the United States--is one of the leading writers for the American Left. The website for The Progressive has a 4th of July article by Zinn, who argues that it is immoral for Americans to celebrate July 4th. He writes:

"On this July 4, we would be well to renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledge of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in song that God must single out America to be blessed.

"Is it not nationalism--that devotion to a flag, an anthem, a boundary so fierce it engenders mass murder--one of the great evils of our time, along with racism, along with religious hatred."

He concludes: "We need to assert our allegiance to the human race, and not to any one nation."

As I have indicated in Darwinian Conservatism, this is one fundamental distinction between the utopianism of the Left and the realism of conservatism: the Left adheres to a rationalist utopianism of universal benevolence that denies patriotism, while conservatives recognize that it is natural and good for human beings to be more attached to those close to them than to strangers, even though this divides human beings in ways that often create tragic conflicts. One can see this, for example, in the way that both Edmund Burke and Adam Smith rejected the humanitarian rationalism of Richard Price who insisted that moral principle required that all human beings should deny patriotic attachments so that they could be "citizens of the world."

A Darwinian account of human nature explains the ultimate causes of such group loyality as arising from evolutionary group selection that favors a tribal attachment to one's own. Of course, our natural capacity for sympathy allows us to extend our concern to ever wider groups, even to the point of feeling some concern for human strangers and even nonhuman animals. But this humanitarian concern will always be weaker than our attachments to kin, to friends, and to fellow citizens.

There is a dark side to such tribalism, as Zinn indicates, because our natural tendency to cooperate with our group to compete with out-groups can lead to brutual cruelty. But to think that the proper solution to this moral problem is a disinterested humanitarian rationalism that shows no spirited attachment to one's own is a utopian, if not inhuman, denial of human nature and the natural grounds of moral concern.

Happy 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the only patriotic, ideologically left thinker that I recall is the recently deceased Richard Rorty. Or maybe John Dewey too.

Pragmatist in general tend to more patriotic than their left leaning colleagues.

Anonymous said...

So Howard Zinn is your paradigmatic leftist? I hope you don't think that I need to choose between 'Darwinian conservatism' and Howard Zinn. That choice makes me feel rather cramped.

Do you really think that the wholesale rejection of patriotism is typical of thinkers on the left? To consider the issue more carefully, consider a distinction. Many people, myself included, are suspicious of the attitudes and behaviors often described as patriotic because we have the sense that they involve an insufficiently critical attitude towards one's own nation, an almost idolatrous deference to the nation, an arbitrary elevation of one's own nation over others, and naive sentimentality. I don't think that people on the left are the only ones who reject all of that.

Nor am I committed, by rejecting all of that, to rejecting the idea that I should care in a special way about my own family, community, and state. Conservatives have no monopoly on that idea, unless you're willing to include people like Bernard Williams, Philippa Foot, Rosalind Hursthouse, Richard Kraut, Michael Walzer, and Charles Taylor as 'conservatives.' Even some self-described 'cosmopolitans' agree that we have special relationships to our families and to various communities, and that these relationships entail that we act differently towards different people and that we distribute our concern unequally.

So call that thesis the 'special concern' or 'agent-relative concern' thesis or whatever you like. It entails patriotism insofar as one's own nation is among the most important communities to which one belongs. Conservatives certainly aren't the only ones who accept this idea. It does not require acceptance of the attitudes and behaviors that often go under the name 'patriotism,' however. To maintain that one ought to care more deeply and in different ways for one's own country than for others does not entail that one should believe that one's own country is, objectively speaking, the best country in the world. Nor, more importantly, does it entail that one should be willing to treat other countries and their members as mere instruments to the flourishing of one's own fellows. Nor does it entail that we should overlook all of the problems and mistakes that our own country has made, or that we should support our country's leaders in whatever they do.

So yes, people on the left reject fake, sentimental patriotism. Some of them also throw the baby out with the bathwater. Others, like Zinn, are driven by their moral fundamentalism to reduce entire ideas and nations to their worst components and consequences (and yet complain when people make the same cheap move against Marx). But most people on the left do not reject the idea that they should care in a special way for the communities of which they are members, their nation in particular. The trouble isn't that the leftists are all anti-patriotic cosmopolitans; it's that conservatives want to say that we need not have any concern for people outside our own political community except insofar as those people can aid us or hinder us in our pursuit of happiness. It isn't that liberals are utopian universalists, it's that conservatives are jingoistic xenophobes who worship their own nation.

If you object to that vast generalization, then stop perpetrating the same crimes against non-conservative thought.

MacIntyre's lecture, "Is Patriotism a Virtue?" might have much to teach you.