Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Fair Game" Interview

This afternoon, I was interviewed by Faith Salie for the "Fair Game" PRI radio program, which is produced at WNYC in New York City and broadcast by some of the NPR stations in the United States. The podcast will be available at the "Fair Game" website, which can be found here. My interview is 10 minutes of a one hour program.

Faith identifies me as the "silverback" and "paterfamilias" of Darwinian conservatism. But then she draws attention to the fact that I'm too short to be a really dominant male!

I liked her joke: "Darwinian conservatism. That sounds like a Gary Larson cartoon with a chimpanzee driving a pickup with a gun rack."


Adam Bailey - VP Operations said...

Prof. Arnhart,
I listened to your interview on NPR this evening, and I was inspired by your argument. I have long argued with liberals about the teaching of Darwinism Vs. the implementation of Darwinian social policy. Needless to say, my leftist friends have always accused me of misinterpreting Darwin and the inherent nature of mankind. The interview was certainly thought provoking. I look forward to reading the book.
Adam Bailey
Boerne TX

Anonymous said...

Just listened to your interview on NPR. Insightful. But, male dominance. I hope you were comment about the past times!

Arlington, VA

Larry Arnhart said...


The sections on "male dominance" in DARWINIAN CONSERVATISM and DARWINIAN NATURAL RIGHT clarify my point.

Margaret Thatcher was a dominant political leader. But she acted in a political world largely dominated by men. That reflects the natural differences between men and women.