Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Islamic Creationist Attack on Darwinism

For some years now, Islamic creationists have been attacking Darwinian science as atheistic and immoral. One of the leaders in this movement is the Turkish author Harun Yahya. His website can be found here.
Like the Discovery Institute historian Richard Weikart, this Islamic creationist insists on the connection "from Darwin to Hitler." Beyond that, he even blames Darwinism for terrorism, because he claims that this follows from Darwin's "survival of the fittest" thought. Islam is a religion of peace, he argues, but Islam has been distorted as promoting terrorism by people shaped by Darwinian ideas.

Recently, there has been a controversy in France over the distribution of Harun Yahya's writings in French schools. A story on this can be found here.

This fanatical fear of Darwinian science as contrary to a literal reading of both the Bible and the Koran is misguided, but it seems to have a broad popular appeal to many Muslims as well as Christians.

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Anonymous said...

Harun Yahya only represet himself in his extreme misguided creationsts ideology. The Qur'an is Arabic book that is open for interpretation as science advances. Recently, a more logical book was published in Arabic and English proving Darwin's theory with evidence from the Arabic Qur'an that are hard to dismiss. The book is called [Shajara Code Decoded]. Summery about it is found on the authors site: